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Bill and ted quotes be excellent

bill and ted quotes be excellent

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Quotes. Bill S. Preston: We're in danger of flunking most heinously tomorrow, Ted. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure () Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. What can you learn from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? Quite a lot, actually.

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The world would actually be a utopian society. When they arrive, the residents gather around for a chance to see The Two Great Ones in person. If we did, there would probably be no wars or hate, no famine or no pain. We will have a most triumphant time! Dschingis Khan Rod Loomis: Rotten Tomatoes wertete 43 Kritiken aus, von denen 34 eher positiv fresh und 9 eher negativ rotten ausgefallen waren. San Dimas High School football rules. Deacon Logan Bernie Casey: Ted, it's pointless to have a triumphant video before we even have decent instruments. Yeah, all we need is one more speaker from medieval. Time such an insult wrong, or deliver ancient assassins names to the wrong crowd and all the anticipation you've built up around it can crush your creative rage-filled soul. Save your rage for only the most medieval of dickweeds There is definitely an art to the skillful application of strangely specific film-sourced insults. bill and ted quotes be excellent


Bill and Ted - Be excellent to each other

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